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Village Heritage & Resort is strategically placed on the top of Rara hill, thus offering the best view of the spectacular show upfront. It encapsulates all the elements that set Rara apart. It showcases nature at her best, and thereby catapults its dwellers to the romantic self and promises of a splendid stay. It is situated at 2900 Meter from the sea level. Here, you float with the Rara Lake and can give audience to the drama unfolding the spectacle of the sunrise and the sunset from very close. Every evening you could go to the bank of Rara Lake which just few minute walk from Hotel. The bank is full with nice huts and terrace where you can enjoy sun set view and dancing music. It’s more or less gives you little beach experience. Hotel provides you transportation facilities so that you can have journey to Rara National Park which will be adventurous experience into the wild of Rara National Park. Promises are not mere words when it comes to materializing the dreams people have with Village Heritage. This is also because here nature is in alignment with human endeavors. Even if amidst nature bounty, modern amenities are plentiful. The local and the international tourists surrender themselves to the guilty pleasures on offer at Village Heritage Enjoy a family holiday or quality moments with friends, this holiday get-away is perfect for both. The place is also ideal for hosting seminars or picnics. However, if your target is solitude, do not fret; the place molds itself according to your need. Your search for holistic rejuvenation rests here. It is everything a man needs to be transported to a place of bliss. You need to experience it to believe it! This is also an ideal place for guests to gather in the evenings and share the day’s experience.

Rara National Park

Watch Video about Rara Lake Picture Gallery Rara National Park Rara National Park, named after Rara Lake/Mahendra Lake containing the most beautiful and biggest Lake (10.8 sq. km) lies in Mugu and Jumla districts in the mid-western region of Nepal. The Park is rich in coniferous forest and was established to protect Rara Lake which is an important staging point for migratory birds and to conserve representative flora and fauna of the central Himalaya. The Park flora consists of 1074 species, of which, 16 are endemic